How You Can Get Completely Clear Skin in One Week?

Getting completely clear skin in a week is quite a lot to ask of your skin. At times, it can take many days or even weeks to completely get rid of a mark on the skin.
Moreover, the exact condition of the skin varies from one individual to another which makes it difficult to tell exactly what to do to make the steps towards clearer skin, but I can tell you ways to make your skin appear healthier within one week and what you can do to improve overall health of your skin and avoid future blemishes.

Step 1: Have a Dermatologist to determine your skin type, nature and recommend a skin care line suitable for your skin type. No matter the condition of your skin, you need to be following a procedure that is formulated for your type. This is the first step to seeing improved skin clarity and one that people often overlook. Using a line not formulated for your skin type can lead to more problems that you may not have dealt with otherwise.

Step 2: Exfoliate 2 times a week. Use a mild scrub (Honey Almond Scrub by Repechage is one of my personal favorites). Make no more than 3 passes over the face/neck. Over-exfoliating will cause you to start sloughing off live skin cells which can lead to inflammation and other problems. Exfoliating will help resurface skin texture and smoothe fine lines and wrinkles.

Step 3: Use a toner and moisturizer AM/PM. A lot of people don’t use these as a part of their regimen, but they are both very important to one’s routine. Toner helps to regulate body pH level as well as hydrate the skin. Toners with humectants and botanicals can really help nourish the skin. Moisturizers need to be the finishing part of any regimen as they provide a protective layer over your skin to fight infection/environmental factors as well as seal in moisture.

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Step 4: Add a serum into your plan and wear sunscreen. Serums such as those with vitamin E can really help plump up your skin and fights free radicals, reducing the signs of aging. Another good ingredient in serums is hyaluronic acid (helps lock in moisture and improves collagen synthesis). Wearing sunscreen everyday will also aid in the prevention of premature aging.

Step 5: Properly care for blemishes. If a pimple arises (and you are not oily skin type) be sure to keep up with your weekly exfoliation and spot treat the blemish. Do not apply harsh ingredients to your entire face. Only to the infected area. Do not pick at the blemish and make sure to still moisturize at the end of this treatment.

Step 6: Get a monthly facial. If you can keep a monthly facial appointment, then invest in yourself. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it needs to be taken care of properly so that it can continue to function properly and protect you. If you can’t go monthly, try for every change of season. Your Dermatologist can monitor how your skin is progressing and if the needs to be any changes in your regimen arise. They will also provide you with treatments your skin may be needing that you would not otherwise perform at home.

Weekly use of a mask can also give your skin a nice glow as well as many other benefits! You should be able to start seeing some results within a week by following these steps. Just know there is no quick fix to damaged skin. Follow these steps and you will surely see a befitting results.

You don’t have to see these steps as burdensome which will make you reluctant in taking them, relieve yourself of any stress and take the steps. Have it at the back of your mind that your health is your most valuable asset.
Feel free to use the comment box to share your experience and eventually the result of your action so we can all benefit.

6 Simple and Natural Ways to Take Care of Diabetes (Don't Miss Number 2)

Diabetes, also know as Sugar Disease is very rampart nowadays and medically, there is no proper and total treatment for it as such which can cure the disease to its earliest. 
Research has shown that:
  • 23.6 million Americans carry diabetes
  • 57 million Americans are considered to be pre-diabetic
  • 1.6 new cases of diabetes are said to be reported each year
  • It's also been reported that for those over age 60, almost 1 in 4 have diabetes
  • Another fact is that diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death
  • Diabetes tend to increases heart attack risk and 68% of diabetes related death certificates report heart related problems
  • Almost 75% of adults with diabetes will develop hypertension
  • Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure and nervous system disorders
  • Diabetes costs $174 billion annually.

A Fig leaf is widely used figuratively to convey the covering up of an act or an object that is embarrassing or distasteful with something of innocuous appearance.

Nowadays, these leaves are to cure Diabetes, and they are not use to cure Diabetes only but they also use in curing many other diseases a typical example is High-Blood Pressure(HBP). 
The Best possible way to prepare it is, Boiling. 
Boil the leave some time in water and drink it as tea twice a day. It will give positive results in just one week.
Where to get FIG LEAVES
The best source for the fig leaves is My Herbal Products. The owner has organic leaves that she dries and sells by the cup.
2. Fish with omega-3 fatty acids. 
Literally, fish contain 16-20% of protein and they are regarded as Isoprotenous Food. Fish gives high quality protein and help fight the risk of carrying heart disease. 

Image result for fish cod
The American Diabetes Association (ADA) suggest six to nine ounces of fish a week. It is been recommended that Diabetes patient should abstain from avoid fried fish and focus on broiled, grilled or baked fish. 
Omega-3 rich fish include salmon, tuna, sardines, cod, herring, mackerel etc.

Olive oil is a fat obtained from the fruit of olive tree, a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin. It is known that One tablespoon of olive oil (13.5 g) contains
Calories: 119
Fat: 13.50g
Saturated fat: 2 g
Vitamin E: 1.9 mg 
Vitamin K: 8.1 µg 
Image result for olive oil
Use of this oil helps in reducing the Blood Triglycerides and Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (Bad Cholesterol). It also does helps in avoiding Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes and Atherosclerosis. Olive oil is also use for massaging infants and toddlers and for culinary purposes

Olive oil can be found at any market near you
Studies conducted at the University of Texas have concluded that adding bitter leaf into your daily diet could reduce risk factors for such health conditions as type II diabetes and also breast cancer, it helps to lower cholesterol and it's very rich in anti-oxidants. 
“…the administration of aqueous extract of bitter leaf at a concentration of 500 mg/kg of body weight significantly decreased the level of blood glucose. Its efficacy to lower blood glucose level was comparable with that of chlorpropamide, a standard drug used in the management of diabetes.”

Cinnamon Sticks and Powder on Wooden Table
Cinnamon replaces INSULIN in our body, that means the requirement of Insulin is fulfilled by this in our body. Atleast half-spoon a day of cinnamon will help you control your Insulin requirement level. Its not only the cure for Diabetes , like reducing cholestrols, LDLs and Triglycerides.

Jonagold Apples

It's a popular saying that "An Apple A Day definitely keeps the doctor away." Boiling apple pieces until the water goes half of that in the beginnig , and consuming that water syrup is very much beneficial for health.
But most importantly, this goes to diabetic and non-diabetic patients. The main causes of diabetes is excess sugar intake in particular Sucrose sugar. So with this, reduction or even stopping the daily intake of sugar will go a long way in preventing diabetes.
More so, intake of honey doesn't increase your blood sugar content but rather reduce it. The question here is that what type of sugar does honey contain?  The type of carbohydrate present in honey is called Dextrose(Dextrin) This doesn't have side effect to health under normal consumption. 
Date Palm also contain the same sugar as honey and it is of beneficial to our health also. It is been said that "eating 7 pieces of date palm seed in the morning will send jins far away from that person for the rest of the day" This is contained under some religious point of view. 
This both help to cure and/or prevent diabetes
These were some of the easy to do steps to cure Diabetes.Stay Healthy, Be Happy.
Over to you. We will be glad if you can take your time to share with us, your experience or some other relevant information about this topic. 

10+1 Surprising Facts About Pregnancy

There are lots of mystery about pregnancy, delivery and birth. For example, did you know that doctors are still unable to unravel what exactly causes labor to start? But it is known that nipple stimulation is the only scientifically proven method of legitimately bringing on labour.

Fortunately, we could still be able to know some wow-inspiring things your body shows during pregnancy.

1. Your uterus is one tough cookie. The force inside a woman's uterus from pushing with a contraction translates to 397 pounds of pressure per square foot, or 2.8 pounds of pressure per square inch on her baby's head.

2. During the second half of pregnancy, your baby will urinate about a liter per day. And then they drink it.

3. Your baby can taste the food you eat in the womb.

4. You can get pregnant when you're already pregnant. Pregnancy sex is supposed to be care- (and contraceptive-) free, but on rare occasions, women have gotten pregnant twice. It happened to a woman in Arkansas, who carried two children with two different due dates.

5. When nearing the end of pregnancy, a woman's placenta produces more estrogen in one day than a non-pregnant woman will produce in three years.

6. Chances of a multiple birth increase with tall or overweight mothers.

7. Commonly, pregnancy women do experience change in skin tone during pregnancy. It happens about 90% of the time.

8. The baby's fingerprints are formed within the first three months of pregnancy.

9. The longest known pregnancy lasted for 375days.

10. A baby starts making its first poo, called meconium, at around 21 weeks’ gestation. However, it won’t pass it until after its birth.

11. Plus an increase in her uterus, a woman’s feet and heart increase in size during pregnancy.

Over to you, there are lots of facts about pregnancy, your comment will highly be accepted about other facts about pregnancy that you know.

The Skin As An Organ Of The Body

We need a good maintenance of the skin as it plays so many roles and functions in much way. When we are talking about organ, the skin is the largest organ of the body because it covers all the internal organ in the body. The skin serve so many function to our body and the most common function that most people say is the protection, yes it really protect our body but what of temperature regulation, control of body temperature, formation of vitamin D and lots more. There are some people that don’t actually know the main function of the skin and they take it for granted by not taking good care of it. That is why I intend to write an article on the important role of the skin and I will list the function of skin in this article including those that I have enumerated above.

1. Regulation of Body Temperature
Our skin really helps during the regulation of temperature internally and externally. It helps the liver when it's performing its metabolic reaction in the body and other organ in our body. It regulates the body temperature by the production of the required amount of heat for the body like I said earlier in the production of heat for liver. It also helps to regulate the amount of heat loss in your body. The skin releases excess heat that is not needed by the body so as to balance up with amount of heat in the body. 

2. Control of Body Temperature

The hypothalamus in your central nervous system helps to control your body temperature which is the nervous control. There are two other ways that the body helps to control your temperature which are vasodilation and vasoconstriction. Vasodilation is the process by which your blood vessel become wider when there is hot body temperature and it will enable the escape of heat to the atmosphere there by cooling your body and there will be a decrease in your body temperature while vasoconstriction is the opposite of vasodilation which is the tightening of the blood vessel there by retaining the body heat where there is a cold temperature. Each two processes take place at different occasions, vasodilation helps when there is hot body temperature will vasoconstriction helps when there is cold body temperature.

3. Absorption

This role of skin is limited but substances that can be absorbed include
•    Some drugs , in transdermal patches e.g. hormone replacement therapy during the menopause, nicotine as an aid to stopping smoking
•    Some toxic chemicals e.g mercury
Formation of Vitamin D
There is a formation of vitamin D in the skin when you expose your skin to the direct ultraviolet light from the sun which is needed for strong bones and healthy muscles. Vitamin D also functions as maintenance of accurate levels of phosphorus and calcium in the body.

4. Sensory Receptor

The skin take part in sensory receptor by receiving the external stimulus and send it to the central nervous system and the brain will give out the type of the stimulus. There are different types of stimuli that the skin receives like pressure, temperature, detection of touch, vibration and even pain. The skin functions as the first component in the sensory system because it is the receiver of the external stimulus.

5. Excretion

Unwanted substances in your body can also be get rid off by the skin and there are many substance that can be excreted. We all know that sweat comes out through the skin and the sweat is made up of water, urea and even sodium chloride so at the same time we excreted the listed material also. It also excretes carbon dioxide as the lungs also do. It excretes urea most especially when the kidney function is impaired. Aromatic substances for example garlic and other spices are also involved.

The skin also helps in wound healing when there is injury on the skin surface which is internal method.
All what we are saying on the roles functions of the is that you should take good care of your skin and since you know the roles you will also know how to take care of it.

How You Can Be Free From High Blood Pressure

Staying in a good health is very important for every one of us and the case is that how can we archive a healthy state. So many people are suffering from high blood pressure and they may not even know that they are which is very dangerous, some people get in contact with it due to the cause of a little problem that leads them to be thinking in a long run. When we are talking about pressure it applies in many terms but when it comes to Blood pressure we would have already get the part of the saying. Looking into Blood pressure it self and High blood pressure we can say that Blood pressure is the pressure apply by the blood that is circulating in our body against the walls of blood vessels, while high blood pressure which can also be regard to as Hypertension occur when the blood pressure that is been exerted on the blood vessel is high majorly on the arteries (the vessel that transfer the blood from the heart to the body). When this occur the pressure bear the hardship of abnormal high. High blood pressure can lead to numerous health problem like heart failure, kidney failure, stoke and so on. The blood pressure can be recorded as two systems. (a) Systolic and (b) Diastolic. The normal blood pressure should be less than 120 mmHg systolic and less than 80 mmHg diastolic.

You can be free from High blood pressure by

  • Maintaining a Balanced and Healthy Diet
You should eat a diet with balanced proportion, a diet that contains sufficient amount of all the needed nutrients vital for healthy living. It is important for you to take care of your diet in a normal way. An unbalanced diet can lead to health problems with the normal growth and development, body tissues, bony and muscular system all along like that.
Healthy Diet like taking low intake of sodium is very important, you should limit your salt intake per day by taking less gram of salt per day like <2.4g of sodium. Also try to eat vegetables and even fruits which should be up to five portions daily.

  • Keeping Your Body Fit
For you to be physically fit, you need exercise to be part of your daily activities even walking is also part of exercise, if you doesn’t have much time for exercise try to work for about 30minutes daily it will surely help you. Engaging your self in the daily physical activity is very good for body and also lower high blood pressure.

  • Keeping Normal Body Weight(For Adult)
There are some people that they like the way they are fat and there are some that doesn't, there are some that they like there slimming body part and also some that doesn't, but all the same it is good for adult to maintain a normal body weight and the normal body mass index should be 20-25kg/m2 so as not to have high blood pressure.
Also try not to stress yourself too much during the day. There are different ways of reducing stress but it depends on your own method once you learn how to manage it then you are done and by doing this, it will surely helps a lot

  • Abandoning Smoking and also Reducing Alcohol 
It is always said that smoking is injurious to our health yes it is right using tobacco or smoking, it is not good at all because it damages the blood vessels where the blood pass through may be from or to the heart thereby leading to high blood pressure. You can learn how to stop smoking anywhere if you are addicted to it. It may be from your doctor or any place that can be of help to you.
I can say that alcohol has it own benefit but it is when it’s limited and excess taking of alcohol is totally bad. It contains excess sugar that in which if the liver cannot cope with the conversion it can lead to another health problem and at the same time high blood pressure.

Symptoms of High blood pressure

The likely symptoms of someone with total high blood pressure include Tiredness or confusion, Pain in the chest region, strict headache, problem in breathing, urinating blood with urine, Difficulty in vision, asymmetrical heartbeat and lots more.

High blood pressure can also be control by the person with it through the usage of the prescribed medications because the medicine for high blood pressure nowadays can safely help those who suffering from it and they are easy to take.

Health Education On Proper Use Of Inhaler

Due to the fact that Inhaler is commonly use among us but at time we don't use it accordingly. It is very important to use you inhaler with the right technique. As we all known that Inhaler is a small easily transported device wrapped in a plastic material, for holding medicine that is to be inhaled in the normal dose. All most everyone of us prefer using Inhaler than taking any other medications because it is easy to carry about and it not something that have a bad or sour taste. It is used mostly for making less painful of asthma and bronchospasm or nasal congestion. There are 4 main types of Inhaler which are (a). Metered-dose inhalers (b). Dry powder inhalers (c) Nebulizers (d). Analgesic inhalers. Those are the types of inhaler of inhaler and each have there processes that they carried out in our body. The most common type is the Metered-dose inhalers which is used to drop a specific quantity of medicine to the lungs.

How to use Inhaler properly
First, Always carry the inhaler on you and examine the canister to see if it consists abundant medication.
It is important for you to carry the inhaler to any place you are going to because the sickness can occur at any point in time like asthma and other nasal congestion. Also check your inhaler if it might be containing nothing or even be low on medication. You can check the quantity of medication of a metered-dose inhalers by placing the cask(the container) without the plastic material of the inhaler in a bowl of water. And you can determine it by knowing the position of the inhaler that is if the cask capsize to the base, that means it is filled. If it bangs up than means it is partly filled. If it drift sideways on the surface that means it is empty. Reassemble the inhaler after you are done.

N. B:- Don't use the inhaler when there is no sign of attack

  1. Take off the cap from the of the inhaler
  2. Shake the inhaler very well because failure to do so can result in another thing so it is better to shake if vigorously.
  3. Sit up in upright position with the head slightly tilted backward
  4. Try to Exhale before inhalation
  5. You should put mouthpiece fully into mouth and keep in upright position
  6. Spray once into a wide open mouth as you inhale fully.
  7. Hold your breath for 5-10 second before exhaling
  8. Remove inhaler from mouth before exhaling
  9. Repeat each puff 2 - 3 times or as stipulated or prescribed to you

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  1. Clean the inhaler and its cap once in a day by taking off the cask also try to rinse the plastic container under warm water. Dry completely before rearranging.
  2. Take of the cask and wash the plastic mouthpiece twice a week with cool soap and warm water. Dry completely before rearranging.

Get Informed

You can also get proper usage of inhaler by asking your health care provider, pharmacist, respiratory educator to describe how you can use your inhaler, to check maybe your using your inhaler accurately, to talk about any negative effects from your inhaler, to notify you on the expiring date of your inhaler, and also to explain how you can uncluttered your inhaler.

Report Immediately to your health care provider if you are not experiencing any relief or if you are experiencing  increased heart rate, weakness, nervousness, insomnia, headaches, vomiting or any other sickness. 

How Sleep Disorders (Insomnia) Can Affect You

Insomnia is the inability to sleep, most especially during the night hours. The physiology of sleep is the Hypothalamus in the central nervous system. Hypothalamus is the seat of control of sleep and wakefulness. For the period of sleeping, our body is under generalized inertia with muscular relaxation. Hypothalamus as pointed is the factor that controls wakefulness and sleep. The work done by hypothalamus is through the reticular formation which has connection with the thalamus ascending and descending fibres. When adequate amount of sleep has been stored, the reticular formation blocks impulse going to the cerebral cortex as well as those going to the skeletal muscles. This abolishes the neuro-muscular extability resulting in muscles relaxation and sleep. With sleep consciousness is lost and changes in an individual physiological function occur e.g respiration which becomes deep and more regular, fall in pulse rate and blood pressure, relaxation of the jaw and the throat which bring about snoring, blood flow through the muscles reduce and to the skin increase.

The table below shows the normal daily sleeping period in ages

Newborn baby
2 to 9 years old
10 to 15 years old
16 to 65 years old
65 years and above
Normal Sleeping Hours
13 to 17
6 to 13
10 to 11
6 to 9
6 to 8

Sleep Disorder can affect you in the following ways

  • Problem in sleeping time
  • Difficulty staying asleep
  • Early waking up during the daybreak and inability to get back to sleep at night
  • Not feeling rested or refreshed when you wake up despite getting enough hours of sleep
  • Tiredness and sleepy mode during the day
  • Feeling bad-tempered or nervous
  • Headaches
  • Problem in focal point or concentrating during the day
  • High body temperature

Typically, sleep disorder or insomnia isn't related with serious difficulty. These problems of sleep disorder are most familiar with men, particularly those who are older (middle-aged) or overweight. A person with sleep disorder can take account of poor school performance including poor job.

Factors Responsible For Sleep Disorders
  • Hunger
  • Heat
  • Pains
  • Sleeping during the day (for hours)
  • Noisy environment
  • Frustration
  • Bright light
  • Sudden changes of environment
  • Full bladder and sontipation
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations
  • Uncomfortable bed
  • Full bladder and constipation
  • Delusions and illusions
  • High temperature
  • Anorexia Nervosa
  • Anxiety state
  • Senility
  • Intractable illness-cancers
  • Drug Abuse

Measures to promote sleep among you
  • Live in a therapeutic environment
  • Prevent Hunger
  • Ensure that you do not go to bed with full bladder
  • Take your night drug as prescribed
  • Psychotherapy to find out any problem
  • Ensure good ventilation
  • Try to verbalize your fears by expressing it to someone near to you
  • Relieving of pain if any
  • Shade bright light
  • Comfortable bed
  • Avoid constipation
  • Encourage group psychotherapy

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