Community and Nursing Care Of Patient With Cholera

If no problem exists after the evaluation or assessment phase, the nursing care plan is invented together by the nurse and the patient. The nursing care plan is a systematic plan based on scientific principles, which forms the courage of any successful nursing care 

Clinical Manifestation of Cholera
  • Severe diarrhoea without pain or stitch abdominal pain
  • Vomiting
  • Dehydration
  • Muscular cramps
  • Cold, clammy and wrinkled skin
  • Sunken eyes
  • Low pulse
  • Blood pressure falls
  • Reduced urinary output

Nursing Care Plan of a Patient Suffering From Cholera
Nursing diagnoses
Nursing objectives
Nursing intervention/action
Scientific principle/rationale
Fluid volume shortage related to vomiting and diarrhoea
Patient’s sunken and wrinkled skin will normalize within 48 hours or fluid and eletroplote balance will be restored and maintained within 24 hours following nursing intervention
1. Give patient his oral rehydration fluid prn.
2. Maintain patient’s I. V line of darrow’s solution

3. Give oral fluid every hour when vomiting stops.
4. Maintain intake and output record
1. This ensure adequate intake of fluid and electrolytes
2. This ensure fluid replacement
3. This ensure assimilation
4. To prevent over hydration of the patient
Patient’s sunken eyes disappears while the wrinkle’s skin became normal
Altered bowel elimination pattern related to increase peristalsis and mass movement
Patient rate if bowe motion will reduce from 15 to 14 times perday within 24hours
1. Serve bed pan properly as needed
2. Give prescriped antibiotic like TCN 250mg 6 hourly
3. Apply protective cream on the skin and use soft tissue to clean the arms
1. To prevent excoriation of the skin by faces
2. This destroys the microorganism
3. To prevent excoriation of the anal region
The bowel motion reduced to 5 times per day
Self care deficit related to weakness intervention
Patient rate if bowe motion will reduce from 15 to 14 times perday within 24hours
1. Give oral toilet every morning and evening
2. Bath the patient twice daily
3. Treat the pressure areas while bathing the patient
1. Oral toilet ensure the freshness of the mouth
2. To ensure the Ulcer integrity of the skin
3. To ensure adequate blood circulation to the skin and prevent bed-sore
There was no mouth odour or decubitus

Method of Prevention of Cholera With Nursing Care
  • Using isolation precautions by medical personnel
  • Patients feeding materials or utensils are kept fully for him
  • Body fluid should be discarded with caution
  • Specimens should be labeled “cholera” to protect laboratory personnel
  • Strict personal hygiene
Methods of Prevention of Cholera in the Community
  • Use of Pipe-Borne Water
The provision of pipe borne water is very important in the area that lacks it for them to have a good water for their usage. Safeguarding water and it resources from pollution so as not to cause any other problem or environmental hazard there by leading to disease like cholera.

  • Destruction of flies
An act of destroying and control of disease-bearing flies is necessary in the environment to protect yourself from contacting another disease from the flies or insect. So elimination of all flies in your surroundings is compulsory.

  • Control of Population Movement
Population of the people in the geographical area also contribute to the transfer of disease from one person to another. Over population of people is not good enough for health and even with the available resources, if there is over population the resource in the area may not up to the total population of people there by leading the people to eat what they see which can cause disease to in individual. The infected person should be move from where others with no infection is, so as to prevent the transmission of the disease

  • Hand Washing After Visiting Toilet
Toilet is a place where harmful germs and other microorganism live and by using toilet you may have be in contact with them in one way or the other, that is why hand washing is important after using toilet so you will be able to get rid of the germs that can also cause disease. 

  • Health Education on Food Hygiene
Educating people that didn’t have knowledge about the harmful effect of microorganism is also important and educating people on food hygiene, the way they can preserve their food from microorganism and where to prepare a good food for their eating.

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