Walking Towards Better Health

Health is the state of being free from illness or injury or person's mental or physical condition.This is majorly on pathogenic organisms that cause departure from your state of health.
The pathogenic organisms or harmful microorganisms have the ability to wipe out the whole of humanity directly or indirectly. For this reason the must be controlled through some measures in order to live a healthy live.

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Control Of Pathogenic or Harmful Microorganisms

  1. These are the major control of harmful organisms from your environment
  2. Using drugs like antibodies that performs key role in checking the spread of microorganisms.
  3. The use of high salinity or salt especially in preservation of food
  4. Dehydration tends to inactivate the microorganisms since most of them require water for metabolism
  5. Application of antiseptic involves the use of low concentration of chemicals like phenol (carbonic acid). They prevent or inhibit the growth of microorganisms. At times they kill them.
  6. Application of high temperature destroys pathogens. This is use in sterilization of materials e.g. in hospitals
  7. Using low temperature(freezing) also kill some microorganisms or inactivate them.
  8. Disinfectant also have high temperature of phenol which is carbolic acid. They kill microorganisms outright.
  9. Immunization: Also vaccination or inoculation of anti-disease to protect the individual from contacting the disease. This is because antibodies or anti-toxins are produced by the body.
  10. Using irradiation controls the growth of microorganisms.    
These are the common measure on how to control microorganism. There are some organisms that carry an organisms causing disease on there body without having any sign of dangerous in them and these organisms are called Vectors. Examples of  vectors are tsetse flies, mosquitoes, ticks and so on.
These are the list of vectors and diseases they transmit.

Vectors                                                 Disease
Housefly                                                 Cholera
Female anopheles mosquito                    Malaria
Tsetse fly                                                Sleeping sickness
Water snail                                             Bilharziasis or schistosomiasis
Black fly                                                 River blindness
Aedes mosquitoes                                  Yellow fever

Ways of Controlling Vectors


  1. Prevents breeding grounds i.e don't give them any field of play for housefly to be reproducing
  2. Adults are killed using insecticides: You can kill adult mosquito through the application of insecticide
  3. Covering your food from flies: Try to cover your food when your are not ready to eat it
  4. Try to keep your pit- toilet  covered after use and it should be clean regular because they are mostly found in dirty place to find what they will eat
  5. Continuous spraying of insecticides even after the initial spray
  6. All your surrounding must be kept clean


  1. Cut all your environment bushes
  2. Destroying of their breeding grounds
  3. Making provision for nets in our doors and windows
  4. Artificial destruction of mosquitoes with brooms
  5. Destroying or burying empty cans and bottles
  6. The use of insect repellant on the body
  7. Chemical destruction using insecticides 
  8. Proper disposal of sewage water

Water Snails

  1. The use of molluscicides affects breeding of infective larvae. 
  2. Outright treatment of infected people to stop the spread. 
  3. Disrupting the food chain by killing some water weeds eaten
  4. Good hygiene and sanitation in order to maintain clean environment.

Black Flies:

  1. The vectors are very difficult to fight. The only way possible is the destruction of the breeding sites.
  2. Other methods include the use of drugs such as suramin and diethyl carbomazine (with serious side effects)
These are the major tips to walk towards better health. I think after reading this you would have gain much more something from it and i will like you to just list your own ways of controlling harmful microorganisms.

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