6 Simple and Natural Ways to Take Care of Diabetes (Don't Miss Number 2)

Diabetes, also know as Sugar Disease is very rampart nowadays and medically, there is no proper and total treatment for it as such which can cure the disease to its earliest. 
Research has shown that:
  • 23.6 million Americans carry diabetes
  • 57 million Americans are considered to be pre-diabetic
  • 1.6 new cases of diabetes are said to be reported each year
  • It's also been reported that for those over age 60, almost 1 in 4 have diabetes
  • Another fact is that diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death
  • Diabetes tend to increases heart attack risk and 68% of diabetes related death certificates report heart related problems
  • Almost 75% of adults with diabetes will develop hypertension
  • Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure and nervous system disorders
  • Diabetes costs $174 billion annually.

A Fig leaf is widely used figuratively to convey the covering up of an act or an object that is embarrassing or distasteful with something of innocuous appearance.

Nowadays, these leaves are to cure Diabetes, and they are not use to cure Diabetes only but they also use in curing many other diseases a typical example is High-Blood Pressure(HBP). 
The Best possible way to prepare it is, Boiling. 
Boil the leave some time in water and drink it as tea twice a day. It will give positive results in just one week.
Where to get FIG LEAVES
The best source for the fig leaves is My Herbal Products. The owner has organic leaves that she dries and sells by the cup.
2. Fish with omega-3 fatty acids. 
Literally, fish contain 16-20% of protein and they are regarded as Isoprotenous Food. Fish gives high quality protein and help fight the risk of carrying heart disease. 

Image result for fish cod
The American Diabetes Association (ADA) suggest six to nine ounces of fish a week. It is been recommended that Diabetes patient should abstain from avoid fried fish and focus on broiled, grilled or baked fish. 
Omega-3 rich fish include salmon, tuna, sardines, cod, herring, mackerel etc.

Olive oil is a fat obtained from the fruit of olive tree, a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin. It is known that One tablespoon of olive oil (13.5 g) contains
Calories: 119
Fat: 13.50g
Saturated fat: 2 g
Vitamin E: 1.9 mg 
Vitamin K: 8.1 µg 
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Use of this oil helps in reducing the Blood Triglycerides and Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (Bad Cholesterol). It also does helps in avoiding Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes and Atherosclerosis. Olive oil is also use for massaging infants and toddlers and for culinary purposes

Olive oil can be found at any market near you
Studies conducted at the University of Texas have concluded that adding bitter leaf into your daily diet could reduce risk factors for such health conditions as type II diabetes and also breast cancer, it helps to lower cholesterol and it's very rich in anti-oxidants. 
“…the administration of aqueous extract of bitter leaf at a concentration of 500 mg/kg of body weight significantly decreased the level of blood glucose. Its efficacy to lower blood glucose level was comparable with that of chlorpropamide, a standard drug used in the management of diabetes.”

Cinnamon Sticks and Powder on Wooden Table
Cinnamon replaces INSULIN in our body, that means the requirement of Insulin is fulfilled by this in our body. Atleast half-spoon a day of cinnamon will help you control your Insulin requirement level. Its not only the cure for Diabetes , like reducing cholestrols, LDLs and Triglycerides.

Jonagold Apples

It's a popular saying that "An Apple A Day definitely keeps the doctor away." Boiling apple pieces until the water goes half of that in the beginnig , and consuming that water syrup is very much beneficial for health.
But most importantly, this goes to diabetic and non-diabetic patients. The main causes of diabetes is excess sugar intake in particular Sucrose sugar. So with this, reduction or even stopping the daily intake of sugar will go a long way in preventing diabetes.
More so, intake of honey doesn't increase your blood sugar content but rather reduce it. The question here is that what type of sugar does honey contain?  The type of carbohydrate present in honey is called Dextrose(Dextrin) This doesn't have side effect to health under normal consumption. 
Date Palm also contain the same sugar as honey and it is of beneficial to our health also. It is been said that "eating 7 pieces of date palm seed in the morning will send jins far away from that person for the rest of the day" This is contained under some religious point of view. 
This both help to cure and/or prevent diabetes
These were some of the easy to do steps to cure Diabetes.Stay Healthy, Be Happy.
Over to you. We will be glad if you can take your time to share with us, your experience or some other relevant information about this topic. 

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