How You Can Be Free From High Blood Pressure

Staying in a good health is very important for every one of us and the case is that how can we archive a healthy state. So many people are suffering from high blood pressure and they may not even know that they are which is very dangerous, some people get in contact with it due to the cause of a little problem that leads them to be thinking in a long run. When we are talking about pressure it applies in many terms but when it comes to Blood pressure we would have already get the part of the saying. Looking into Blood pressure it self and High blood pressure we can say that Blood pressure is the pressure apply by the blood that is circulating in our body against the walls of blood vessels, while high blood pressure which can also be regard to as Hypertension occur when the blood pressure that is been exerted on the blood vessel is high majorly on the arteries (the vessel that transfer the blood from the heart to the body). When this occur the pressure bear the hardship of abnormal high. High blood pressure can lead to numerous health problem like heart failure, kidney failure, stoke and so on. The blood pressure can be recorded as two systems. (a) Systolic and (b) Diastolic. The normal blood pressure should be less than 120 mmHg systolic and less than 80 mmHg diastolic.

You can be free from High blood pressure by

  • Maintaining a Balanced and Healthy Diet
You should eat a diet with balanced proportion, a diet that contains sufficient amount of all the needed nutrients vital for healthy living. It is important for you to take care of your diet in a normal way. An unbalanced diet can lead to health problems with the normal growth and development, body tissues, bony and muscular system all along like that.
Healthy Diet like taking low intake of sodium is very important, you should limit your salt intake per day by taking less gram of salt per day like <2.4g of sodium. Also try to eat vegetables and even fruits which should be up to five portions daily.

  • Keeping Your Body Fit
For you to be physically fit, you need exercise to be part of your daily activities even walking is also part of exercise, if you doesn’t have much time for exercise try to work for about 30minutes daily it will surely help you. Engaging your self in the daily physical activity is very good for body and also lower high blood pressure.

  • Keeping Normal Body Weight(For Adult)
There are some people that they like the way they are fat and there are some that doesn't, there are some that they like there slimming body part and also some that doesn't, but all the same it is good for adult to maintain a normal body weight and the normal body mass index should be 20-25kg/m2 so as not to have high blood pressure.
Also try not to stress yourself too much during the day. There are different ways of reducing stress but it depends on your own method once you learn how to manage it then you are done and by doing this, it will surely helps a lot

  • Abandoning Smoking and also Reducing Alcohol 
It is always said that smoking is injurious to our health yes it is right using tobacco or smoking, it is not good at all because it damages the blood vessels where the blood pass through may be from or to the heart thereby leading to high blood pressure. You can learn how to stop smoking anywhere if you are addicted to it. It may be from your doctor or any place that can be of help to you.
I can say that alcohol has it own benefit but it is when it’s limited and excess taking of alcohol is totally bad. It contains excess sugar that in which if the liver cannot cope with the conversion it can lead to another health problem and at the same time high blood pressure.

Symptoms of High blood pressure

The likely symptoms of someone with total high blood pressure include Tiredness or confusion, Pain in the chest region, strict headache, problem in breathing, urinating blood with urine, Difficulty in vision, asymmetrical heartbeat and lots more.

High blood pressure can also be control by the person with it through the usage of the prescribed medications because the medicine for high blood pressure nowadays can safely help those who suffering from it and they are easy to take.

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