Health Education On Proper Use Of Inhaler

Due to the fact that Inhaler is commonly use among us but at time we don't use it accordingly. It is very important to use you inhaler with the right technique. As we all known that Inhaler is a small easily transported device wrapped in a plastic material, for holding medicine that is to be inhaled in the normal dose. All most everyone of us prefer using Inhaler than taking any other medications because it is easy to carry about and it not something that have a bad or sour taste. It is used mostly for making less painful of asthma and bronchospasm or nasal congestion. There are 4 main types of Inhaler which are (a). Metered-dose inhalers (b). Dry powder inhalers (c) Nebulizers (d). Analgesic inhalers. Those are the types of inhaler of inhaler and each have there processes that they carried out in our body. The most common type is the Metered-dose inhalers which is used to drop a specific quantity of medicine to the lungs.

How to use Inhaler properly
First, Always carry the inhaler on you and examine the canister to see if it consists abundant medication.
It is important for you to carry the inhaler to any place you are going to because the sickness can occur at any point in time like asthma and other nasal congestion. Also check your inhaler if it might be containing nothing or even be low on medication. You can check the quantity of medication of a metered-dose inhalers by placing the cask(the container) without the plastic material of the inhaler in a bowl of water. And you can determine it by knowing the position of the inhaler that is if the cask capsize to the base, that means it is filled. If it bangs up than means it is partly filled. If it drift sideways on the surface that means it is empty. Reassemble the inhaler after you are done.

N. B:- Don't use the inhaler when there is no sign of attack

  1. Take off the cap from the of the inhaler
  2. Shake the inhaler very well because failure to do so can result in another thing so it is better to shake if vigorously.
  3. Sit up in upright position with the head slightly tilted backward
  4. Try to Exhale before inhalation
  5. You should put mouthpiece fully into mouth and keep in upright position
  6. Spray once into a wide open mouth as you inhale fully.
  7. Hold your breath for 5-10 second before exhaling
  8. Remove inhaler from mouth before exhaling
  9. Repeat each puff 2 - 3 times or as stipulated or prescribed to you

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  1. Clean the inhaler and its cap once in a day by taking off the cask also try to rinse the plastic container under warm water. Dry completely before rearranging.
  2. Take of the cask and wash the plastic mouthpiece twice a week with cool soap and warm water. Dry completely before rearranging.

Get Informed

You can also get proper usage of inhaler by asking your health care provider, pharmacist, respiratory educator to describe how you can use your inhaler, to check maybe your using your inhaler accurately, to talk about any negative effects from your inhaler, to notify you on the expiring date of your inhaler, and also to explain how you can uncluttered your inhaler.

Report Immediately to your health care provider if you are not experiencing any relief or if you are experiencing  increased heart rate, weakness, nervousness, insomnia, headaches, vomiting or any other sickness. 

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